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The Vampire Diaries Katherine Pierce and Elijah Mikaelson

Kat & Elijah

Elijah: He's an original vampire. Shares the title of oldest vampire in the world with his brother, Klaus. Klaus was planning on sacrificing Kat to form a hybrid bloodline, but Elijah knew a way to save her and also complete the ritual. Klaus suspected that Elijah felt something for Kat. Elijah was supposed to find her when she went missing or die at his brother's hands for betrayal.
Katerina/Katherine: She's a Petrova doppelgänger. She met Elijah before she turned in England. She knew Klaus wasn't sincere in his affections for her. After discovering the truth about the vampire brothers, she turned with Rose's blood in her system in 1492. She's over 500 years old. She's been running from the brothers most of her life. It appears that she still fears what Klaus or Elijah will do to her if she's captured. Mid-season 2, Elijah had the opportunity to do whatever he wanted with her, but instead he compelled her to stay in the tomb. Upon Elijah's temporary death, she was released from the tomb.
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